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Continuing Engineering Programmes

The department conducts regularly faculty and staff development programs under the AICTE/ISTE/TEQIP schemes for the benefit of faculty members of various engineering colleges. Experts from IIT/NIT/R&D Labs/industry are regularly contributing to these courses. The aim of conducting these courses is to update the knowledge of all the concerned in the advanced technological area. This is helping us in developing good interaction with industry and research & development laboratories of national repute. List of courses organized/ arranged by Faculty members since 2004 are as follows:

  1. Dr. S. B. Sharma, A STTP jointly coordinated with VJTI, Mumbai on Modern Trends in Machining and Materials, Feb. 2009.
  2. Dr. S. B. Sharma, Training program on CNC milling machine for in house staff and some students, Nov. 2007.
  3. Dr. M. M. Akarte, R. P. Parvekar and Dr. J. V. L. Venkatesh, three day workshop on 'Product Lifecycle Management', 10-12 Mar, 2006
  4. Dr. S. B. Sharma, A training program on CMM organized for staff under Networking of institutions (SSGMCOE, Shegoan and Govt. COE, Aurangabad) in Central Workshop, Jan., 2006.
  5. Dr. B. M. Dabade, Organized National Seminar on “Non-Linear Mathematical Systems: Modeling, Simulation and Application”, in collaboration with Science College, Nanded at SGGS College of Engg. & Tech., Nanded on 27 Dec., 2000.
  6. Dr. V. B. Tungikar, Organized one week short term programme, approved by ISTE, on “Applications of finite element methods in mechanical engineering” for engineering college teachers during June 5-10, 2000.
  7. Dr. B. M. Dabade, Acted as a Resource Faculty for ISTE Short Term Training Programme, “System Engineering: Techniques and Applications”, at SGGS College of Engg. & tech., Nanded during June 18-28 2000.
  8. Dr. J. V. L. Venkatesh, one day workshop on 'Management of Technology', at Vedant Hotel, AUrangabad, 16th April 1998.
  9. Dr. J. V. L. Venkatesh, one week ISTE course on 'Industry Institute Partnership' 03-08 Mar, 1997.
  10. Dr. S. B. Sharma, One week course on ‘Safety in Metallurgical Industries’, June, 1996.
  11. Dr. S. B. Sharma, Workshop on Need Analysis for Marathwada region to identify STTPs in Mechanical Engineering and further reported to IIT, Mumbai, Dec., 1995.
  12. Dr. S. B. Sharma, Conducted institutional level workshop on Strategic Planning and Institutional Development, Nov. 1994.

In addition to above list the faculty members of this department have extensively lectured in the short term courses for faculty development conducted at various institutes in the state as well as nearby states.


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